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13th May 2022

S5 Ep8 - Season Finale

Spring 2022 is at an end, along with some other things.

In this episode, Seth, Niklas, and Clay talk about the future of the podcast, Seth's departure from the Fulbright program, and the end of Covid distancing measure for students and staff. We recap some of the more interesting experiences we have encountered in the last five months, revisit some ideas from the Season 5 podcast, and discuss the return of physical attendance in classrooms and exam halls.

Episode 8 is our final podcast for Season 5, although Niklas and Clay are uncertain about the podcast's future. Clay's Ph. D. contract terminates August 31, 2022, and while we hope to keep the podcast going the future depends on where Clay ends up after his Ph. D. is complete.

If you have enjoyed the podcast, please contact us at writingcentre@nmbu.no and tell us! If you want us to continue with Season 6, get in touch and let us know so we can find a way to continue offering It's going to be all write.

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It's going to be all write
Discussions about scientific and academic writing with Niklas and Clay
Niklas and Clay want to make scientific and academic writing enjoyable. We're Academic Writing Advisors at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and we're sharing our ideas and experiences about scientific writing. Our goal is to demystify writing processes, share tips to improve writing practices, and explore our own thoughts on challenges and opportunities in the field of academic communication for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students.

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Clayton is a Ph.D candidate and Senior Writing Advisor at the NMBU Writing Centre

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Niklas is the NMBU Writing Centre Coordinator