Episode 4

Published on:

20th Oct 2021

S4 Ep4 - Rejection with Special Guest James Johnson

Clay sits down with a friend and fellow Ph. D. researcher, James Johnson from the University of Oslo, to chat about publishing and rejection.

Rejection as a Ph. D. is difficult. Everyone knows that rejection is going to happen, but we are not always prepared for rejection when it happens. Clay and James discuss their experiences as Ph. D. candidates, the road to publication, and how it feels when research articles are rejected. Rejection might happen for a number of reasons, but there are also many ways to cope with rejection and move our research forward.

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Niklas and Clay want to make scientific and academic writing enjoyable. We're Academic Writing Advisors at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and we're sharing our ideas and experiences about scientific writing. Our goal is to demystify writing processes, share tips to improve writing practices, and explore our own thoughts on challenges and opportunities in the field of academic communication for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students.

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