Episode 3

Published on:

6th Oct 2021

S4 Ep3 - Research Design vs. Research Methods

Hey! What's your research about? What methods are you using? Probably easy questions to answer, but how about this one: what is your research design?

In our experience, we don't see many people with a clearly defined research design. In fact, we think a lot of research writing struggles actually stem from people neglecting to develop their research design. One of the problems is that we focus a lot on research questions and research methods, but we do not always account for what TYPE of research we are producing. That is where the research design comes in. In this episode, Clay and Niklas take a deep dive into the differences between research design and research methods, and explain why we need a well defined research design to help connect our research questions, methods, and writing together.


What research design is right for you? See the Sacred Heart Library: https://library.sacredheart.edu/c.php?g=29803&p=185902  

Comparing research methods and research design:



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