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5th May 2021

S3 Ep7 - Finalizing the Thesis

It's that time of year again. The Master's thesis crunch!

We thought it was a good time to provide some ideas and advice on how to finalize your thesis with the remaining time available. Also, we talk about ways to prepare for your defence by collaborating with fellow students. If you are having troubles finding the motivation to work from home, alone, we also introduce a new service to help you connect with other students in the new NMBU Digital Study Hall.

Don't forget to visit the resources below for even more writing support.


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It's going to be all write
Discussions about scientific and academic writing with Niklas and Clay
Niklas and Clay want to make scientific and academic writing enjoyable. We're Academic Writing Advisors at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and we're sharing our ideas and experiences about scientific writing. Our goal is to demystify writing processes, share tips to improve writing practices, and explore our own thoughts on challenges and opportunities in the field of academic communication for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students.

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Clayton Gouin

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Clayton is a Ph.D candidate and Senior Writing Advisor at the NMBU Writing Centre

Niklas Mintorovitch

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Niklas is the NMBU Writing Centre Coordinator