Episode 4

Published on:

22nd Mar 2021

S.3 Ep.4 - WEC

Let's face it, not every University program applies written assignments to the same degree...until the final thesis.

One challenge students face is that their writing skills remain underdeveloped as they approach their final thesis, and even Ph.Ds can enter their program with limited experience with academic and scientific writing. Some programs do not require much, or any writing, leaving students to 'fend for themselves' by the time their thesis deadline approaches.

On the other side, being a Professor isn't easy either. Developing writing skills takes time and effort, and Professors might be pressed for time, uncertain about how to improve student writing skills, or might simply think that it is the students' responsibility to learn how to write.

At the NMBU Writing Centre, we are working to creating Writing Enriched Curriculum (WEC), to improve teaching and student development. This podcast explores some of the challenges student writing development faces, some of the disconnects between teaching methods and learning objectives, and simple tools and approaches that University Departments can apply to integrate WEC for student writing improvement.


Eveline Bailey's Levels of Critical Writing: https://embteach.com/2016/04/13/blooms-taxonomy-and-levels-of-critical-writing/

Want to learn more about WEC? https://wac.umn.edu/wec-program/wec-model

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