Episode 3

Published on:

3rd Mar 2021

S.3 Ep.3 - Narratives in Science Writing

People love stories, but science writers might not consider their writing as a form of story telling.

In this episode, Niklas and Clay explore when narrative structures and techniques are valuable, why they are practical, and how to use narrative techniques in scientific and academic writing. Science writing might seem like you need to stick to the 'facts' or use what is referred to as 'anti-narrative' writing, but we go over some reasons for why narratives can help your research become more compelling for your reading audience.

We shared some visuals during this podcast, which can be seen on our YouTube Channel, or you can follow the first link below.

Show Resources

The Plot Spiral


Narrative and "Anti-Narrative' in Science


Using Narratives and Storytelling to Communicate Science with Nonexpert audiences


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Niklas and Clay want to make scientific and academic writing enjoyable. We're Academic Writing Advisors at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and we're sharing our ideas and experiences about scientific writing. Our goal is to demystify writing processes, share tips to improve writing practices, and explore our own thoughts on challenges and opportunities in the field of academic communication for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students.

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